Which WordPress Host aims to provide honest, independent and transparent customer reviews on Managed WordPress Hosting companies.

Too many web site hosting review sites are focused on maximising affiliate / commission income and ranking #1 for search engine keywords.  There’s no incentive for these hosting review providers to display honest, transparent data.

What sets us apart from most WordPress and web site hosting review sites is:

  • We proactively reach out to WordPress hosting customers and ask for their review – whether good or bad.
  • Customer reviews are unedited (save for removing offensive language).  If a customer leaves a poor score, that’s exactly what we display.
  • We never provide our personal opinion on any managed WordPress hosting provider.
  • We aim to list all managed WordPress Hosting providers, regardless of whether they offer an affiliate scheme, commission or revenue.

If you’ve ever used any of our managed WordPress Hosting providers, please take a moment to leave a review.

About Tim Carr

Photo of Tim CarrTim Carr is the founder of Which WordPress Host.  He’s an experienced WordPress Developer and Consultant, who has also founded WP Cube, creators of the popular WordPress to Buffer Pro and Page Generator Pro WordPress Plugins, and n7 Studios, a Birmingham based WordPress Development and Consultancy firm.

Tim also regularly contributes technical based WordPress articles on SitePoint, and is quoted in publications including Fundera.